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50% of the world’s annual steel yield comes from scrap steel. Since the cost for building a blast furnace for steel making is too high, the smelting from EAF becomes the main stream in medium and mini mill. However, the treatment of scrap steel is the crucial key to steel mill for improving their production capacity and quality.
Shredding is a capital intensive process design for the large volume size reduction and separation of ferrous from non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. CHH aim to achieve the highest recovery rate as possible which ensure our customers gain maximum revenue from their ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

Pre-Shredder (Optional Equipment)
Typically, CHH Pre-Shredders are capable of processing capacity up to 25-70 tons of scrap materials per hour including:
1. Cars without engines, transmission, or tyres; in baled or flattened condition.
2. "White Goods" i.e., household appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
3. Iron and steel scrap up to a normal thickness of 1/4” (8mm).
4. Hard packed bales larger than 500mm*500mm, with density under 1.5 ton/m2.

CHH Pre-Shredder is primarily designed for helping the shredder operator process materials that might cause problems or too risky to process. Normally the major items are heavy bales, so long as they will fit, and whole car body.

Special features:
1. Reliable operation and ease of maintenance of the shredding plant at a lower processing cost-per-ton of scrap produced.
2. Wear parts are manufactured from proprietary work hardening steel alloys produced in local foundry under strict quality control.
3. The upper and lower rollers designed are keys to the effectiveness of the Pre-Shredder.

Main-Shredder is the core part of the scrap metal processing plant, the shredder size is to accept scrap materials up to a width 2.6 meter. This ensures that it can process complete cars “as received” or flattened condition without problems. The in-feed scrap is fragment with high velocity force and continually compress scrap metal until it is small enough to pass through grate opening. The unshredderable items that pass around the rotor can be discharged from the shredder through the reject door located in the rear wall of the shredder.

1. We offer shredder sizes from 45×47 to 120×120, production capacity range from 4-400 tons/hr and the motor ranges from 200HP to 10,000HP.
2. Special Feature: Heavy duty design with high capacity.
3. High efficiency and reliability in operation.
4. Ease of maintenance and Cost Effective.
5. Available remote control for increasing safety of operation.

Air-Separating System
Main-Shredder and Vibrator are easy to bring dust into the air while processing. The high efficiency cyclone will remove a high percentage of the light waste materials and convey to the (Auto Shredded Residue, ASR) area.
1. Special Feature: Two stage optimal design.
2. Super suction Dust Collector.
3. Flame-proof design; in case of any damage from explosion during
    shredding process.

Separate and Transfer System

The fragment scrap is transferred from the Undershredder Vibrator to the magnetic separation unit by a rubber belt conveyor. There are many value recyclable metals from the non-ferrous scarp, such as Aluminum, Copper,...etc. Non-Ferrous sorting machine will separate and transfer it via conveyor to the stacking area.

Special Feature:
1. Three major classification: Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Residue.
2. Conveyor belts are made by durable material which is anti-corrosive, flam-proof, and multi-functional rubber.
3. All conveyors are set up service platform and access ladder in case of maintenance and monitoring.

Auxiliary equipments:
Cheng Ho Hsing Co., Ltd. cooperate with many outstanding leading companies in their field. They supply CHH the Eddy Current System, Magnets, Induction Sorting system and other equipment. From the auxiliary to whole plant whatever your requirements, we can offer the best design and solution for Scrap Metal Recycling processing plant.

Process Control:

Process control includes hardware and software to control the system, the operator can remote control the shredding process via Touch screen or control button and make a adjustment of controllable variables of individual equipment, such as the height of Double Feed Roller, feeding speed, etc..

Automatic Control Functions:
Automatic control function is safer than the traditional operator function, by monitoring the In-Feed materials it is able to maximize driver motor performance and control the In-Feed speed to increase average production, which almost impossible when it’s on manual operation.

1. More efficiency and ease of management.
2. Automatic processing control and motoring.
3. Less power consumption.

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